​​We strives to serve you with the utmost excellence as part of our commitment to be


  • Progressive - in equipping ourselves with the ever-growing knowledge and technology,

  • Professional - believing that the best result comes from the best resources, and

  • Proficient - to ease your mind with our thorough and deep understanding in our field.


February Fiesta

Gong Hey Fat Choy! Wholeheartedly wishing you a prosperous and successful outlook in this year of The Golden Rat. Enlarge your capacity to embrace them and let us prepare you with our latest offers this month.

  • Disc 20% for BoTox, Black Doll Laser, HIFU, Sparkling Oxy Bubble, or Lash Lift

  • Slimming Pack for IDR3.5mio only

  • Pack of Facial Collagen + Kudzu Lift for IDR650k only

  • Pack of Detox + Mask WW + OJC for IDR350k only

valid through February 2020


Black Doll Laser

The latest application of facial treatment with our NdYAG Laser - the laser produced from neodymium powered yttrium aluminium garnet refraction to produce high energy light waves that penetrates deeper skin without destroying its surfaces - to lighten the skin and removes black spots.


Starts from Rp 650.000/treatment


Every Monday to Saturday

9am - 6pm GMT+7


Ruko Kara Junction Blok B No.6,

Batam Centre, Kep. Riau

Indonesia 29465

+62 (0778) 466 822




Please see Event Calendar on the left against the color legend below for each categories:

RED notice: The clinic will be closed for public holiday

BLUE notice: Doctor will be unavailable while clinic resumes normal operation but without medical treatment requiring doctor's attendance

GREEN notice: Doctor will be unavailable while clinic resumes normal operation with medical treatment being served​ by another residence doctor

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