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​​We strives to serve you with the utmost excellence as part of our commitment to be


  • Progressive - in equipping ourselves with the ever-growing knowledge and technology,

  • Professional - believing that the best result comes from the best resources, and

  • Proficient - to ease your mind with our thorough and deep understanding in our field.


Glowing February

Gong Hey Fat Choy to all of you! Wishing the new season may comes with many blessings and opportunities. Let's embrace and celebrate the spirit with our picks of the month.

​Facial Packs

  • Facial Black Diamond + Oxy Jet Clear + I2PL Face for IDR 1000k only

  • Facial Black Gold + Oxy Jet Clear + Aquaglow for IDR 800k only

  • Facial Stem Cell + MD + Oxy Jet Clear + SkinLED for IDR 600k only

  • SkinLED + RF Face + Mask for IDR 250k only

  • Detox + TIGF Serum + Mask for IDR 150k only

Disc 30% on any treatments below

  • SCO2 Laser

  • Thread Lift

  • BoTox

  • PRP

  • Hollywood Peeling

Disc 10% on any Filler treatments

  • More info on our Instagram

valid through February 2023

* for use on purchase date and non transferrable

A+ Laser

The latest application of facial treatment with our A+ High Powered Laser. While a normal laser operates in milliwatt range, this new technology adopts the powerful 16W laser diode that runs exclusively at 1450nm wavelength. The specific combination of power and lambda allows it to treat purulent acne as well as to control secretion of sebum which is the main factor of acne by absorbing water and fat at an extremely high rate. In general, this hi-tech Star Wars like saber would seek, destroy, and cure acne and/or comedo with never-seen-before precision. Speak to our doctor and experience this masterpiece now!

Starts from Rp 1.000.000/treatment


Every Monday to Saturday

9am - 6pm GMT+7

Covid-19 Restrictions

10am - 6pm GMT+7


Ruko Kara Junction Blok B No.6,

Batam Centre, Kep. Riau

Indonesia 29465

+62 (0778) 466 822



Please see Event Calendar on the left against the color legend below for each categories:

RED notice: The clinic will be closed for public holiday

BLUE notice: Doctor will be unavailable while clinic resumes normal operation but without medical treatment requiring doctor's attendance

GREEN notice: Doctor will be unavailable while clinic resumes normal operation with medical treatment being served​ by another residence doctor

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